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Why my 2020 Corvette C8 is better than Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini & Porshe!!!!!







YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*

You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!

Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE

Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police



Babarimen 27 days ago
-*C8 can't do for donut..* DDE: _hehe..._
Kristo Sterkeshi 26 days ago
“You go to Ferrari and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars” Me - Walks around, looks at cars then walks out 🤣
Isaiah McMillan 26 days ago
If this was your first time on this channel your probably thinking “man these guys hate Ferrari”😂
Brian Koldy 26 days ago
I'd prefer to see a supercharger on this LaCorvette :)
Bren U 26 days ago
now im thinking of investing on a "la corvette"
David Feder 27 days ago
Is it just me or do I like the quarantine content more that the old LA content, I like the overall lower energy of the videos but there is still the insanity with the C8 donuts, also like the smaller crew with just the close friends from canada, you guys should think about doing some more canada content once this whole mess is over. Keep up the great content.
Ian Icharia 26 days ago
“Welcome to this episode of mythbusters”😂😂😂
DEXTER 5179 26 days ago
Yo you should call it the “LaVet” I think it sounds better
LaterG 27 days ago
Supercharge it, will look so dope seeing it sitting on top of the engine through the cover. Do a roots style one though!
Mr Slap 27 days ago
Other YT channels: YoU cAnT dO dOnUtS. DDE: Hold my beer.
Daniel Sierra 26 days ago
Man I’m really can’t wait to see what ya do with this thing. Know is going be a beast! Looking forward for it
Jake Tubbs 27 days ago
DDE: buys Chris a car After DDE gets corvette : makes fun of Chris’s new car
Wolffie_z06 26 days ago
When DDE discovers the beauty and the value for your money of owning a Corvette 😂😂😂😂
MrDngrsdave 26 days ago
"80k car with a 20% deprecation over a few years... thats $8,000" good math dave...
chris thorney 26 days ago
dave: 20% of $80,000 is only $8000.. and you make fun of damon all the time for being a drop out lol
DC Steve 27 days ago
There are some good reasons why this car comes loaded with features and can do it for a lot less. Aside from the massive supply chain that GM has, a lot of the features that the C8 has were on Cadillac models first. The MRC, camera rear view mirror, PDR are just a few things that started coming out in Cadillac around 4 years ago. It was a great way for them to test out the technology. That is also where suspension design started getting very refined, as they needed to compete with AMG and M cars. The resulting generation built off the Alpha chassis not only has a better and more comfortable ride than either the BMW or Merc, but manages to outclass them in handling and feedback to the driver. There is a LOT of Cadillac DNA in that Corvette and that is a seriously good thing.
Independence City Motoring 27 days ago
Fun fact: GM invented magnetic ride shocks; first sports car to have them was the Corvette. Now licensed to Ferrari and many other supercar brands.
Heath Upchurch 26 days ago
Did anyone else notice Dave’s “ Math” was incorrect ? He said depreciation would be 20% on an $80k car, hmm about $8k .... that Canadian math seems a bit off.....Ha ha ha
Adrian Kingston 26 days ago
whos reading the comments while watching the vid?
Ser Domz 27 days ago
If I own one, definitely I removed the branding so people will always guessing. Followers from Manila.
Cillene Connolly 27 days ago
“Welcome to this episode of mythbusters” 😂
Christopher Turgeon 27 days ago
FYI: When you're talking about suspension it's damping, not dampening.
Gison 26 days ago
5:46 Mmm I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning
Daniel Johnson 27 days ago
Great review, DDE! I'm glad to learn that you are pleased/impressed with the fit and finish of your C8. Regarding the question posed in this video, you should definitely supercharge your C8!
XxYeetGodxX 26 days ago
Everyone who owns a c8: This theory or myth about no donuts might actually be true Dde: Hold my transmission
Kacen Newman 26 days ago
Daemon: I will find it’s limits, I might have to drive it into a wall. I have done that.
Raphael Per 26 days ago
Dave be like most of the time on the video: 😬
Enzoramenth 26 days ago
18:33 wow Dave loves the game of modifying and so do I smile too
Blaze Burgess 26 days ago
It’s funny people have had this car for so long already, and haven’t lifted a finger to explain this directly, and DDE did a review right away
mike doherty 26 days ago
it sounds like a corvette, thats the point. CORVETTE sound very unique, check out others
bill martin 26 days ago
That is an amazing review of an amazing car. Duntov's dream of beating the prancing pony with a car made in KENTUCKY... Bravo Chevrolet!!!!!
Jos de Jong 27 days ago
Damon:ferrari ruined their v8 with a turbo Also Damon:puts turbos on F12
Steven Gyoles 27 days ago
Interesting that Damon mentioned that "somebody" will do a supercharger or twin turbo for this car. He also posted Hennessey's twin turbo C8 on Instagram early on. Is there no love for Sheepy anymore? TJ Hunt is in bed with them on the TT development, does that upset DDE? 🤷
FireNinja743 27 days ago
Bring it to Hennessey Performamce and Twin Turbo it!
N 27 days ago
Charging location is actually brilliant. Phone stays stationary even when you give it full throttle.
Haru Kun 26 days ago
Meanwhile: a GTR shows up
Trackforlife 27 days ago
"welcome to this episode of mythbusters" hahahah gold
Spencer Lykins 26 days ago
Leave that Vet in the Barn Like the 430 Then you’ll see what you paid for
Sonny baccam 27 days ago
So its half a super car, just like Dave said about the GTR!😁😉
Ryan Eyman 26 days ago
I say go for a supercharger, lookin back through the rear view and seeing a twin screw supercharger poking up would look sick
Killertom998 Fortnite 26 days ago
It’s nice that Chevrolet is still keeping it sounding like a muscle
Fabian Olvera 27 days ago
Did y’all see the little flame at the beinging when the go pro was faced at the exhaust😳
Andrew_ NaBaU44 26 days ago
Can DDE finally buys a HYPERCAR? I'm waiting for that video..please dde...
Anonymous User 26 days ago
The C8 dosent have the sound of the Aventador
nikki 27 days ago
Lowered with a wide bodykit would make that car look insane imo
West coast Turbos 27 days ago
Love how DDE is always on the road.
Mustafa Sharif 27 days ago
when damon says that they are going for a little drive he means a crazy ride
Shelby Z. 27 days ago
You know Damon's gonna find a way to do donuts in ANYTHING driveable.🤣👍🏻
Jason Burnham 26 days ago
Check out Speed phenom’s channel. He has tracked his C8 several times and damn it can run
Screen Apple 26 days ago
20:32 that girl don't give shit about fast cars. LOL
Crow Murder 26 days ago
I saw a video when they were first coming out and someone was talking about how it looks like it’s gonna be twin turbos instead of a supercharger because it doesn’t seem to have enough clearance for the pulley system or something like that cause of how the engine sits inside the bay so I’m not sure if you can just slap a supercharger on it they might have to have someone move the engine back it’d be nice to see them with a supercharger but I’m not quite sure how much work would need to be done for that to happen, I’M NOT AN EXPERT ON THE C8 but if you do find videos really showing off the engine I think you might be able to see what I’m meaning with what I heard but I’m not 100% sure on how accurate that information is, but if they end up twin turbo from the factory for the ZO6 and ZR1 it’d be really enjoyable to see instead of a supercharger, twin turbo vettes are always badass
zaid omar 27 days ago
When the Ferrari coming back I wanna see the beast
Charles Uritescu 26 days ago
I was super skeptical of the design of the new Vet. After seeing and hearing your new vet.... I might have to look into one😁
Jessica Rekha 26 days ago
Yo bro where's ur F12??? Race them both LACORVETTE v.s FERRARI F12
Owen Meindertsma 27 days ago
Mith: you can’t donut a corvette c8. Damon: U wanna challenge me?
alex kinvig 26 days ago
Just subscribed 😂 Beene arching for ages and never realised I hadn’t lol
P. Thomas 26 days ago
Dave's intro though 😂🔥🔥
Anthony Pina 26 days ago
Damon, The Zo6 and the other up coming editions will be a wide body versions!
2007dalin 26 days ago
lol.. there is lots of cars that are better then this for 80k.. especially since the resale on these will be terrible
Ose026 26 days ago
No lie this has been some lit as content lately! Doing an amazing job for how things are rn 🔥🔥🔥💯🤝
Christopher Cochrane 27 days ago
The C8 is a beautiful looking car aside from the rear (I never really liked the corvette rear styling). It is like a budget version of a super car. Unfortunately it will eventually be a dime a dozen and you will see them everywhere and they don't really have the prestige of a super car. And it for sure does not have the sound of a super car (although it does sound nice)
Dee Pablo 26 days ago
This is probably the longest ad I’ve ever seen
State Line 27 days ago
I have been a Chevy guy my whole life....I am glad to see the C8 is changing the game! You know why I will have one beside my 67 camero? Because I will be able to afford it😀
Kïñg86 00 27 days ago
Omfg wooohoooo thank god now keep the ending to each show now that’s a DDE ending woohoo
I am Ashez 27 days ago
Wow, Damon forgot this is the LÀ CORVETTE🤦🏽‍♂️😅
Pete Cunningham 27 days ago
What driving experience do you more, an automatic with paddles or a manual on long twisty mountain roads?
Mic Spam God 26 days ago
First mod: Making it have Lambo doors.
Cheetah Car 27 days ago
Daymon and Dave, thanks for sharing have to say probs my favorite episode of DDE not featuring a Lambo. FYI Dave I'm not a gtr fan, never have been, but they were classed as a super car going back since 1991 funny enough many don't remember or are too young to know, even the nissan 300zx twin turbo was classedas a JDM super car when it arrived on the scene. So yes the C8 is by def EASILY And the C8 looks ssssoooo much better!... All that said...LAMBO FOR LIFE :)
Clodey Rousseau 26 days ago
how long that you need to keep your steering wheel upside down for the reverse paddleshift to become confusing?
Mr. Tap 27 days ago
I’ll take a dodge demon or hellcat redeye over that thing
Riyaaz Veenendaal 27 days ago
Complaining about where the wireless charging dock is almost like we're supposed to be on our phones while we drive
Capt_Merica60 26 days ago
The soul performance exhaust sounds fantastic, totally changes the car
Use code Alia 26 days ago
When is f12 coming back
Maxzilla 26 days ago
9:50 math 🤓
Lexter Brant Batingal 27 days ago
Super Charger, cuz almost all of Youtubers that owns a c8 is TT.
Ryan Sladic 26 days ago
9:41 so how much did chevy pay you to make this video
kirti jadhav 27 days ago
Dr.damon you should do a tt treatment to corvette (lacorvette)💪👌🏻
Scott Jarvie 26 days ago
Damon, on your last video you were speaking about being charged for additional items by Island Chev in Duncan. Under the "Total Vehicle Price" $107,773.00 it lists "Carbon Flash Spoiler $1,495.00 yet it isn't installed on your car. The dealer installed "High Wing Spoiler" option code 5ZU is shipped to the dealer separately as it was shipped to the dealer with your Z51 spoiler which is still on the car. In the US that option is $1,150. They charged you a high admin fee of $699 and we know the Platinum Key and Remote exchange of $469 is covered by factory warranty. The tire and rim protection of $769 is just another money grab that you'll never use. Did they put any type of brochure in with your owner manual outlining what it covers? I think you or Dave need to go over to Island Chev and find out where your Carbon Flash Spoiler is that they charged your $1,495 + GST for????? BTW 2700 cars built so far and the factory resumes operation with one shift on May 25th. Stay Safe Scott London, Ontario
JStevesOnFire 119 26 days ago
I want one!!!!! A widebody would be sick! Go full send Damon!!
NuxSec 26 days ago
I've heard superchargers can crack auto trans. But this was years ago I heard this, newer trans might not be bothered by it.
Im davld 27 days ago
Supercharger!!! Its gonna sound amazing
AbyssWalker240 - Avarax 26 days ago
no twin turbos please! dont be like literally every other youtuber. supercharger all the way
Rancho Mafia 26 days ago
What’s the depreciation on that? Do the hi N exotics holder value!?!
Issaiah Rodriguez 26 days ago
Supercharge it it’s going to sound fire🔥🔥
Charles Galloway 26 days ago
look at the c8 gt3 on chevy’s website and try to mimic that
Pranav Baadkar 26 days ago
Twin charge it!!! Supercharger and Turbo🔥🔥🔥
z32luvr 26 days ago
The only problem is it’s ugly.
Ja-mel Player-mays 26 days ago
I’m gonna call it now. Rocket bunny is going to be the best choice.
Pickles Donkey 26 days ago
Did anyone realize that when they said a %20 depreciation was 8k instead of 16k. He only said %10
The Best 27 days ago
Dave shoud buy a C8 and make like a Mod Battle series of Damon and Dave modding their C8's on which one is going to be the best after they install all the mods they want each of their cars. Like if you agree
SoCalFreelance 26 days ago
2:15 Throwing shade at Doug Demuro 🤣
Lawal Hakeem 27 days ago
Yes they can make it cheaper because of scale of economy So many other models they don't need to make it super expensive
Exclusive _plays 27 days ago
That engine mode gave me goosebumps😩 oh my lord
CatchMahDrift 27 days ago
Supercharge, ever one doing TT
Ralph Mijnders 27 days ago
the 23 minutes went away so fast, keep up the great work guys love you <3
kobe nocita 27 days ago
12 second quarter mile time at the drag
ochocinco3491 26 days ago
20% loss....$80K car.... = $8k.... ? Dave and his math again :D
Despite Factz 27 days ago
hellcat : )
Houston 27 days ago
Damon, you should make the c8 like your old 458! That would look sick!
SINSATEON 26 days ago
I know what car I'm buying in.the future