The Weeknd - After Hours (Audio)

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Abel 3 month ago
whoever broke up after this shit dropped should be lucky
F goon 3 month ago
He’s my boyfriend and he’s back as cooler than ever. And I’m not gay.
Lil Vortex 3 month ago
All the abels are dope but this one is the best coz he’s giving us everything🔥🔥🔥🔥worth the wait
Hadis41666 3 month ago
the weeknd is the only artist that is experimenting with his sound and still somehow still brings nostalgia
Michelle Palos 3 month ago
why is nobody talking about the line “cause this house is not a home...... without my baby” I freaked tf out
lack of subscribers 3 month ago
Everyone in 2015:He is the world most talented pineapple Everyone in 2020:This character is like a cross between The Joker and Michael Jackson.
luis galdamez 3 month ago
The Weeknd is such a vibe. His music doesn’t compare to any other artist out there.
Andra-Cătălina 3 month ago
I can’t be the only one who feels like this sounds like it was producer by ZHU...
Lil Jazz 3 month ago
Weeknd Fans: Abel, Drop the Album. The Weeknd: I’ma Drop The Title.
Mic Chael 3 month ago
He's so much better when he's making these multilayered type songs. It's like a long hard journey into the heart of darkness!
Ranjit Marndi 3 month ago
Everyone is getting kissland or triology vibes but I'm getting After Hours vibes. It's the next big thing.
Dutch Van der linde 3 month ago
Ait, so this new character is a daredevil, thrill seeker, reckless and a drug abuser as we’ve seen in heartless and blinding lights but his reasons for his recklessness is much deeper. He is depressed (most likely from a breakup) and numbs his pain by drinking and doing drugs
Da Prince 3 month ago
Nobody can make a song 3mins and up nowadays. Abel: hold my beer
Jaqks 3 month ago
Hello new XO fans, if you're reading this and you enjoy this sound, I heavily recommend you go back on this channel and look at his older stuff, this is the surface of what's to come if you choose to explore. House Of Balloons, Echoes of Silence and Thursday all have tracks similar to this and Kiss Land is also an underrated album that not many seem to appreciate. Come, join the dark side with us all... #XOTILWEOVERDOSE
flor celeste 3 month ago
Imagine being a girl who makes the Weeknd write songs about her. Wow.
HIKDbig YT 3 month ago
KISSLAND and trilogy had sex and brung this masterpiece!
Arthur Fleck 3 month ago
Once again shoutout to whoever broke The Weeknd’s heart... all superheroes don’t wear capes
SALI JR 3 month ago
I got one problem with this song It's short
Sarcastic Mango 3 month ago
Track 7: heartless Track 9: blinding lights Track 13: after hours.
I N V E R T E D 3 month ago
This song sounds so complete. From the the beat, the vocals and to the lyrics. Its amazing.
Gunther Gunts 3 month ago
Justin Bieber- The Weeknd’s songs are wack Abel, hold my drink.
MVKEO 3 month ago
How does he make a 6 min song feel so short 😩
lack of subscribers 3 month ago
Swear the weeknd is a different person everytime he comes back.
Soccer Mustafa 3 month ago
Wish we knew what girl it was, so we could message her to give Adel another chance.
Raven Wampus 3 month ago
Yo that transition from the beginning to the 2nd part was fire, I wasn’t expecting this type of sound it’s almost like all the albums mixed together
Abdou Kribaa 3 month ago
It's like if starboy and tears in the rain had a child.
Vincent L 3 month ago
Like if The Weeknd with only 3 tracks of “After Hours” still crushed Justin’s new album 🔥🔥🔥
Aaliyah Simon 3 month ago
This fells like he is whispering in my ear because he is so quiet
Mara 3 month ago
his songs are on a different level
PRJTHEBEAST 3 month ago
*I am missing my wife Soo badly 💔😭* *Wait, but I am not even married*
CLUTCHY CLUTCH 3 month ago
Feels like I’m in a movie and everyone’s watching
Glymm 3 month ago
This song doesn't feel like 6 minutes
Omar Salavert 3 month ago
Stop comparing the new music to the old! This is a new Abel, so it’s not “Kiss Land mixed with My Dear Melancholy”. This is After Hours era.
Jaquees Prod. 3 month ago
starboy x kissland x my dear melancholy
Earth-83 Flash 3 month ago
So I was bored yesterday and decided to count how many times The Weeknd says "baby" through all his albums so far and the answer is 264 times! BABY!
Ridwan Ali 3 month ago
"this house is not a home without my baby"
Sayed El Sherif 3 month ago
me: 6 mins oh that's so long for a song! * Staying all night listing to the song over and over *
Da Prince 3 month ago
Me: *listens to After hours with my earphones* My Mom: why are you earphones smoking?
Guadalupe Guardado 3 month ago
After a Breakup, I Really Needed This From Abel Again 💯💖✨ I Loved His My Dear Melancholy Album, And Very Much Got Super Into His Trilogy Mixes Lately As Well, It's The Type of Music I Now Love From Him to Compensate My Fragile Emotions And More. Big Love to Abel, He's Gotten So Far in Life and Has Bringed Us This Masterpiece With Heartless and Blinding Lights #XOXO #XOTWOD 💖💥💯⬛
Dennis Lychatz 3 month ago
The beginning sounds pretty much like the end of The Birds Pt. 2 Or is it just me?
Ali abd Alrhman 3 month ago
The last section I swear i can see all the crowd can sing it Without my baby Where are you now when I need you most? I gave it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart And I said, baby I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time, I won't break your heart, your heart, no X’O
Tina Lopez 3 month ago
*The only man that never fails to amaze me*
ansa RAJIV 3 month ago
Still waiting for the random lyric commenter..... Me : 5:19
gentleboy 3 month ago
0% swearing 0% drugs 0% money 100% talent and emotions
M. Corleone 3 month ago
When I saw that the Song was 6 minutes Long I Knew....
Lee Patton 3 month ago
No one: Depression: This mf spittin! 😞
homeydawg36106 3 month ago
When he said "This house is not a home" I felt that
luis galdamez 3 month ago
The Weeknd is such a vibe. His music doesn’t compare to any other artist out there.
Deezexe O 3 month ago
My friend: Who’s your favorite singer Me: The Weeknd My friend: Who’s your favorite celebrity Me: The Weeknd My friend: Name someone who’s not named The Weeknd Me: Abel Tesfaye My friend: who’s that Me: The Weeknd
Leandro Vale 3 month ago
Manager: the most songs r 2-3 minutes. The weeknd: Not with me!
Valdag 3 month ago
My friends : what kind of music are you listening to ? Me: the weeknd music
michael aziz 3 month ago
5:17 takes you to another world
Pieter G. 3 month ago
This man makes me feel like starting a relationship just so I can end it once the album drops
PSNxMigls 3 month ago
Everyone commenting about all these theories and conspiracies lol, all I know is that I ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will Love Abel"TheWeeknd". Thank you for so many years of amazing music filled with such meaning and heart!!
Kevin Vásquez 3 month ago
Today it's my birthday and I realize that the weeknd upload this for me as a present. (I wish) Thank you, Abel
Lil Vortex 3 month ago
Did anyone notice that he’s giving us two tracks in one song,,it’s gonna be worth the wait🔥🔥😭
sunshine 3 month ago
After hours: Abel wants another shot with Bella after being “Heartless” for so long
Patrícia Alexandra 3 month ago
His voice is a call from heaven... High and relaxing❤️
Stanley Baptiste 3 month ago
This Man is Coming For Drake, Rihanna, and Chris Brown.
meilirima 3 month ago
I can't help but think of The Birds (Part 1) lyrics: "So don't you fall in love Don't make me, make you fall in love" when considering the lyric on this song: "I know it's all my fault Made you put down your guard I know I made you fall"
Lee Champion 3 month ago
Sounds as if The Weeknd collaborated with Gesafelstein again
daaftboy 3 month ago
2011 "Nothing's your fault baby" 2020 "I know it's all my fault" x♡o
Lil louisy officialvevo 3 month ago
I've been listening to this: After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours After hours 🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦🕰️⏰⌚⏲️⏱️⏱️ Oh no I run out of hours⌛
ken kaneki 3 month ago
Soonly Taing 3 month ago
2011: We don’t need no protection 2020: Protection, we won’t need.
King of the Fall. 3 month ago
Anyone else noticed this? He’s referring to the fact that he projects his death in the last 2 album releases. “Thought I almost died in my dream again, fightin’ for my life, I couldn’t breathe again”
Camilly Rodrigues 3 month ago
abel: “fell apart from a lonely time in this crowded room” selena: “baby it’s just me and you even in a crowded room”
Michelle bond 3 month ago
Never listened to a musician I loved so much! his songs rock my world!
Krystal Hardy 3 month ago
*Starts the song back over at **1:21** because I can't stop screaming that HE'S KILLING THIS SHXT!!!* 😍🥰
Partha Gomes 3 month ago
I was shocked when I found out that post malone is younger than him!!!!!
Teja Adrian 3 month ago
1:55 this is literally Gesaffelstein - OPR
Lil Vortex 3 month ago
Broo this track ssoooo different from blinding lights and heartless,,he fooled us damnn🔥🔥🔥
Isaiah Holmes 3 month ago
Y’all need to show way more respect! This isn’t a blast from the past, this is pure growth and evolution! I’ve been a fan since 2011 and I’ve loved just about everything new, this is different, it hits different and he didn’t have to “go back” to anything! Can’t wait for the album release!
Dylan Hendrick 3 month ago
Weeknd: babe, you’re extra wet tonight **turns on lights**
MomoVers 3 month ago
every song he makes hits me right in the feels.... and this one really fits my situation currently.... fucking tearing up hearing this.... ;; The Weeknd is a God.... ❤️👌🏻💯
Aleksani Costa 3 month ago
First Play: Hmm.. okay Second Play: Not bad at all. Third play: OOh My God Abel!
Kaclo Arod 3 month ago
That feeling when there’s a Weeknd song that you haven’t heard before (yes I know it just came out) and your ears experience orgasm again for the first time
Theodore Kidd 3 month ago
Everyone saying it gives you different kinda vibes to his previous chapters, it gives me After Hours vibes.
Khing Snow 3 month ago
Why do I feel like this song is for Bella🤔🤔
Skylar Phoenix 3 month ago
Guys I’m so happy, this song brought all the fans from all his albums together.
Joe I 3 month ago
Twenty eight - house of balloons - I was never there. Rolled into one song
Ibrahim Mauthoor 3 month ago
I'm definitely feeling the Trilogy/Kissland vibes with this one, the ambiance, tone and mood are all nostalgic. Not to mention the 6-min long track! March 20th; we BEEN ready! ! XOTWOD
Jay Lagman 3 month ago
Babyyyyyyyy, now that I've found you I won't let you go I build my world around you I need you so, baby even though You don't need me now Lolllll
Nathaniel Joseph 3 month ago
The Weeknd never ceases to amaze me with all his songs especially this one wowz I gotta give him a standing ovation for this one since 2012 I started listening to The Weeknd and I will never stop 💯👏🏾😎 #XOtillweoverdose
Xoned Out 3 month ago
This year is gonna be great. Drake dropping an album this year also.
Kevin Mendez 3 month ago
This song gives me vibes from “Gosh” by Jamie XX, Trilogy’s Rolling Stone and Kiss Land’s Odd Look... So good!
Bruno Fontes 3 month ago
Artista fantástico 👨🏾‍🚀 Meu ídolo 🦉
True Love Never Dies:3 3 month ago
PLEASE READ THIS .Hi The Weeknd my name is Arefin Mahin . I was in a relationship for 3 years . It's been 1 month we broke up but it feels yesterday it happened . And I just wanted to tell you something . About 25 days ago I was at a phase of hard depression. My life was going downhill so fast . I was on the verge of suicide .But then I saw your music video and I ignored it for a while but then I figured out maybe I should watch it .And so I did, I really enjoyed all your songs .I would watch to your videos on repeat everyday . Even I'm listening your song . I love you so much and I don't think I would have still been here without you . PLEASE READ THIS .!
Lukezamations 3 month ago
I’ve noticed that he seems to never have a clean face or I mean without blood on his face
Dilan Angarita 3 month ago
This slaps harder than my dad’s belt.
rashida mc 3 month ago
This feels like it’s 2011 and I can hear the weekend playing from my sisters room while she’s cleaning and I love it 😭
Tommy 3 month ago
I Dont know why youtube recommended "Show it to me"
Sebastian R 3 month ago
This makes me wanna just smoke and fade away. I don't even smoke!
KRAlex10 3 month ago
I’m not gonna lie, I was really hoping for the beat to come back and hit hard after the slowed down version, that would of been fire, kinda disappointed with that, but the song is still dope af
Achraf Tabka 3 month ago
he's going to put on the best album ever... ✨!! XOXO💋❤️
Bat Boy 3 month ago
_Love Is The Most Addictive Drug It Makes You High That U Live In Your Own World_
Rania Ines 3 month ago
Selena: baby it's just me and you just us two even in crowded room. The weeknd: girl, i felt so alone inside of this crowded room.
GAME BOY 4 3 month ago
Last time I was this early, The Weeknd was the worlds best pineapple.
Dennis meneses 3 month ago
6:02 seconds of pure greatness
Marius Neagoe 3 month ago
When you're a fan of The Weeknd you should consider yourself a star too with these good tastes in music tho #XO🖤 😂✊🏼🚨💽