Sting King of the Deep!

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On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and the crew are in Stingray City just 35 minutes off the coast of Grand Cayman.. and they’re going diving with Stingrays to find the Sting King of the deep! Lets hope they don’t get stung or speared by these magnificent stingrays!

Get ready, you're about to meet the Sting King of the Deep!

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The Blue Wilderness series is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close marine life encounters! Follow along as host Mark Vins and wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa lead you on amazing journeys into deepest depths of our worlds oceans. From sharks to shipwrecks there will always be something new to discover…so GET READY…things are about to get aquatic!

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Bruh be careful, we don’t need another legend dying
Joseph Ingram 4 month ago
If Steve was alive today, him and the whole Coyote Crew would be best friends
Gleaming Starlight 4 month ago
There's bound to be a lot of "Steve Irwin" comments in here. I'm calling it
RORONOA. D .SANJI 4 month ago
Him : The males are meant to be more aggressive Me : *Flashbacks intensifies*
ThisGuyKnowsWhatsUp _ 4 month ago
Brave Wilderness: Sting King of the Deep! *Steve Irwin flashbacks intensifies* "no..not again.."
Clean Memes For you 4 month ago
You should definitely try to find the worlds smallest penguin ( little blue, fairy ) Like so he can see
•nate• 4 month ago
"sting king" Box Jellyfish: *Am I a Joke To you?*
Gael The Fail 4 month ago
R.I.P. Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter
Unoriginal 156 4 month ago
Mark: “the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean” *Pirates of the Caribbean theme starts playing in my head*
Moon Chan 4 month ago
Me: Sees title and thumbnail of the video Also me: *_Heavy breathing_*
Molly McCullough 4 month ago
is coyote ever coming back?😂 i haven’t seen him in so long
Crazy Eyes 4 month ago
i wish he posted everyday his vids are so good
박종순 4 month ago
2020:blue wilderness 2021:orange wilderness 2022:black wilderness 2023:orange is the new black wilderness
Manneaux 4 month ago
I love how y'all are throwing shade at sting rays in the beginning 😂
L.L.A.D Productions 4 month ago
mark: gets stung by box jellyfish mark: are you ok? mark: oh right...
Aidan Grant 4 month ago
Rip Steve Irwin
Hyun To My Jin 4 month ago
Mark: sting king of the deep Coyote: am a a joke to you
Dorito._.Girl 4 month ago
1:52 " Not ONLY is it like a dagger, but it also has serrated edges." Is Mark sure he still wants to do this?
Jhon Manahan 4 month ago
7:13 "He's getting a little too riled up for my liking." *Nearly Bitten* Yes Mark, Yes.
Nick Craig 4 month ago
"Sting King." *Steve Irwin flashbacks*
pokenei 4 month ago
"Ah! he almost bit me!" Well duh, it's your fault for teasing him with food but giving him your knuckles.
Yz Veloso 4 month ago
He the great"" He our mate"" But most import..''' He don't clickbait''
sir. Phillip 4 month ago
I was a bit afraid this would end like the last time
Garrett Turner 4 month ago
Hasn't Steve Irwin taught you anything?
Donato Liotino 4 month ago
i went to jamaica for new years, and there was a giant stingray skeleton in the water. So naturally, I dove down and stole a segment of it's tail (someone had already taken the barb)
BlueBee Animations 4 month ago
I'm getting flashbacks
Random Memes cringe 4 month ago
Me: turns on notifications and subs. Also me: HOW ARE PEOPLE COMMENTING BEFORE MEEEEE
Dio Brando 4 month ago
comment section: 99% about Steve Irwin 1% Other
MBanette 049 4 month ago
9:10 love how the fish are following him back
Megan Bauer 4 month ago
Rays are one of my favorite animals. This makes me so happy.
Mr god 4 month ago
Damn Sea-pancakes... They killed Steve ✊😞
Meme Lord 4 month ago
*Steve Irwin intesifies*
Super Yeah-Yeahster 4 month ago
Im glad this didn’t end like the one time.
Its Zee 4 month ago
I love stingrays They are my favorite sea creature. I have a small obsession over them
Dolbski 4 month ago
The production quality of these videos is insane!
Max Rules 4 month ago
Did anyone else catch that? "We will see you in the next dive!" I want Brave Wilderness to come back Blue Wilderness was fun but I miss the regular videos
Me Llaman Pastilla 4 month ago
Wow! This is a great educational video! *Mark says "ah!"* *Vietnam flashbacks* MARK NO
J. S 3 month ago
Stingrays: The Puerto Ricans of the ocean.
Epic Person 4 month ago
Sting ray: *exsits* Steve Irwin: _Crikey_
Tatsusama 4 month ago
Never knew how much I had in common with stingrays. I love swimming AND being fed squid😋
Eka Phantom 4 month ago
Brave wilderness: Toss a squid to the freaks. Stingrays: It's free real estate!
Type1 Life 4 month ago
Eliza • 4 month ago
i’m guessing he didn’t die... we don’t need another Steve Irwin
Jacksonmarvil Playz 3 month ago
When I heard him say the Caribbean...
Kris Herbst 4 month ago
Bruh they aren’t aggressive in the slightest. There’s literally nothing to worry about
Sarah Karimi 4 month ago
This instantly reminded me of Steve Irwin 😔
Madeline Garber 4 month ago
Him: the barb can go right through my flipper. Me: starts sweating. This was a great episode. So fascinating. I just caught a cold from my sister and this made my day just a little better. Love you guys.
Kyle Guajardo 4 month ago
Ah, majestic sea flap flaps, the scary, but fascinating pancakes of the ocean.
Yours Truly 4 month ago
I was always scared of the ocean :,) Mostly only when it’s very dark
Critical Tech 4 month ago
Steve Irwin a great man a great legend. He’s still within our hearts. Bless him
YouOnlyLiveTwice 4 month ago
7:17 can we get this guy an Oscar for that incredible voice acting of him being startled?
Saimeren 4 month ago
Mark, you're so cool, and I love these wet episodes! I'm mainly still here for these ones now a days, so the more you keep making them, the more I'll come back.
Victoria Strong 3 month ago
My husband and I got to go here about 6 years ago and it was by far the most amazing experience. They are wonderful creatures!!
Gacha_Dark 360 4 month ago
Other People: I hope he's ok after that awful Sting Me: *Do More!!!* And yes I do do that sometimes😑
Ainsley Swayze 4 month ago
This already seems intresting
J D 4 month ago
Im a Radiology Tech in San Diego and have x-rayed hundreds of patient’s feet, from stingrays stings...let the tears flow like the ocean. 😭
Yannick Desjardins 4 month ago
You're doing great the team, I love your videos!
Yam Xam 3 month ago
Wait, I’ve been there! These sting rays are very cool Sting ray city
Nathan Green 4 month ago
9:10 I love how all the fish start following him 😂😂
Daniel M. 4 month ago
I remember when i went on a vacation and swam in the ocean for the first time, i saw them and tried to grab them by the tail. Luckily they were faster then me. 😂
Mali Morgan 4 month ago
Your videos are so interesting and inspiring ❤️
ImSwedski 4 month ago
Steve Irwin throwback!! I remember being sooo devastated when i found out that he had died. I was in 3rd grade and he was my idol at the time.
BenjiMenji 4 month ago
I love the ocean i really appreciate you guys doing these things ❤️
Prussian Vati 4 month ago
I've seen this somewhere before *Remembers the legend of the Crocodile Hunter* RIP our man. No seriously tho y'all playing with fire there boutta pull another Steve Irwin. Loved watching tho and have been a fan since 2017 ❤️. Keep up the good videos.
Toby Sloan 4 month ago
Happy that this video made people stop and remember Steve Irwin R.I.P Steve Irwin
Julie Xingrun 4 month ago
9:10 all the fishes followed mark haha
Shigeru 4 month ago
Stop playing with them! We already lost Steve T_T
Ella’s Dream The bubble tea 3 month ago
My brain was like: “Nnonononononononononon..... pleeeeeaaaaaase don’t get stung, don’t get stung, don’t get stung,” the whole time
Brick Builder Watts 4 month ago
*”And I think we all know why...”* RIP 😔😔
neighborsrow 4 month ago
I love stingrays they are my favorite animal and when I’m in a place that has them I always want to pet it
Heather Marie Houston-Avila Gonzalez 4 month ago
If you ask me Mark is the real star. Blue is a great color on you too. I say this in the most respectful way not a groupie way. My question is who is coyote going to sacrifice for fame. I mean what. Oops.
Paige Corbett 4 month ago
I’ve always wanted to do that! And I finally got the chance last summer, I swam wit sting rays and it was so cool and fun. Hope you guys had fun as well!
Mr. Poem 4 month ago
Coyote, your vids are amazing btw and I’m the guy off your stream and got your books for my birthday this week :D
Whoever threw that Iggy, your moms a Hoe-taro! 4 month ago
*Sees title* "Oh Neptune"
Shadowchill17 4 month ago
I have actually been to Sting Ray City and it was an amazing experience. The rays are very cool and way larger in person I have to say. I was scared at first but once I realized that as long as I did not step on or startle them, I was able to really take in their beauty and get close. Amazing creatures and a lot more docile than I ever imagined. But yeah, that was here and I would not mess with any outside of Sting Ray City!
Lil Calero 4 month ago
We ain’t tying to get another legend to die by a sting ray. RIP Steve Irwin 😩☹️
TheTop HatNerd 2 month ago
Oh jeez I’m getting some intense Steve Erwin flashbacks
Pyre Wolf 4 month ago
I actually was having issues clicking this
Cheesewidda man 4 month ago
2020: this 2090: hey guys today I'll be bitten by a dinosaur!
Axel Soong 4 month ago
its been a while since i saw mark and damn is that tom cruise
Victor Stone 4 month ago
2:05 I found a stingray barb at the beach and thought it was a shark tooth. Must’ve came from a smaller ray.
Eva Shah 4 month ago
Lol I clicked so fast and there’s already almost 2 thousand views
David Mausolf 4 month ago
Was there last month and was amazing to hold them and Feed them.
Clay Soggyfries 4 month ago
I love that intro 🌊
Lisa Kobus 4 month ago
I’ve been stung 4 times on my feet
ORGANIC bacon ! 4 month ago
Another sting ray episode “face palm”
Angle dust Is daddy 4 month ago
I’ve been watching your videos for years and I love learning new things about nature so thank you for teaching me new things.
H Collins 4 month ago
I miss Steve :(
bearcattony00 2 month ago
Seriously, sting rays scare me now after what happened to Steve Irwin.
VDrake 3 month ago
These sting rays hang out with you more than my friends do
G M G 4 month ago
This episode is giving me Steve Irwin flashbacks RIP Steve Irwin
Someone Fake Ok 4 month ago
me: *Touches a sting ray at the zooo* then they say don't touch these creatures and I'm like oh gosh
dambo asubar 4 month ago
3k views already amazing
Elinor Wahl 4 month ago
A fantastic video <3 May I ask who does your music, Mark? Because the soundtrack for this video is wonderful, and I'd love to experience more of the artist's work!
Dashiec 4 month ago
I've been to Stingray City before in the Grand Caymans! It was beautiful, and a ton of fun! Stingrays have to use suction to pull food into their mouth, and I guess my brother smelled like food cause one of them came right up to him and gave him a hickey on his chest, haha
KaylaTheHyena 4 month ago
For those wondering what getting bitten by a stingray feels like (as someone who accidentally had her hand out for too long while feeding them once), it feels like what happens when you slam a door on your finger.
craig k. 4 month ago
This looks like an amazing experience!
mike babb 4 month ago
I got stung by a stingray and I have a whole in my foot
Sam Roy 4 month ago
Love it thanks for the amazing content!
Martha Cowan 4 month ago
Congrats on the new show this February!😄