Final FARTSTREAM - Chrono Trigger: PART 4

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NEEDS DESCRIPTION. It should be an unbelievably fantastic description, quick, lighthearted, yet needs to convey to viewers that they are about to watch the final installment of the Chrono Trigger streamisodes by the best damn Lets Players on Planet Freakin' Earth, before they FINISH the GAME and BOY are they gonna PRE when it happens. And don't forget to do the tags.

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Game Grumps are:
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Roger Thoman 3 month ago
Dan: How far are we in this game? Are we halfway? Arin: Uh, yeah... probably more than halfway. Narrator: They were nowhere near halfway.
Daniela Leina Ruiz 3 month ago
"Dan check this out" *massively heals the enemy accidentally*
brandon wenzel 2 month ago
Arin: "These guys aren't really a threat." Slash: "OH RLLLLLLLLLLLLLY?!"
Chronstell 3 month ago
33:59 "Aaaaaaaah the mice." Celebrated for their pestilence.
madhippy3 3 month ago
I wish Arin would stop deliberately spoiling the game for Danny.
kpaschal84 3 month ago
Frog: Hand over the Masamune Crono: sticks it in the ground and walks away Me (in Zelda voice): What an asshole
Lag Incarnate 2 month ago
Arin: "Dude, I hate how Haste wears off!" Also Arin: Can't navigate the menu fast enough for Haste to do anything
MadKittens 3 month ago
2:21:08 "ooooo Cliffhangers ... for like six weeks" Yes. Six weeks.
Navi _ 3 month ago
Magus: The black wind begins to blow... Everyone who’s played this game: (Breathing intensifies)
Mariano Jar 3 month ago
"I don't know why Marle is taking her sweet time" MAYBE IF YOU ACTUALLY CASTED HASTE ON THE HASTE CASTER FIRST
Jaikthesnake 3 month ago
When I played this I changed Frog's name to Glenn once I learned his backstory
DerekBarns 3 month ago
"It can't be a glory hole" Not with that attitude, it can't
Nathan Railsback 3 month ago
He goes through Magus's Castle with Marle and Frog, but never uses their Ice Water combo to instantly flatten most of the encounters...
H Nmr 3 month ago
Thank you Ben for the “NEEDS DESCRIPTION” description
Digizel the Bui 3 month ago
Arin.... Arin. I know this is one of your favorite games and all, but for real. Would you please STOP SPOILING THINGS FFS
Karma 3 month ago
christhestampeder 3 month ago
Too bad there's no way to stun dinosaurs that was explicitly mentioned more than once.
StarDragonJP 2 month ago
Marle "If you go to the End of Time you can learn magic too Frog" A minute later Arin "I need to go to the End of Time so I can get Frog magic"
KumoKumo 3 month ago
Flea follows you the whole time, the moment you enter the Magus Cave. He's the tiny bat.
Emily Hanson 2 month ago
1:19:06 god damn it, Arin, now he’s just confused FASTER!
Mattastic21 3 month ago
Dan: "oh cliffhanger, for the next six weeks. All GG fans: well that was a lie.
Smartz118 3 month ago
54:18 Slash is now "Your New Dad"! Let's all say "you're not my real dad" altogether now! In any case, the Grumps need to constantly remind Arin to buy Revives.
Kurokune 3 month ago
I watched this even though I caught all the streams. I'm hype for the return.
Nick Castell 3 month ago
Final Fartstream sounds like a finishing move.
Eric Jousma 3 month ago
Dammit Arin, now I can't even imagine Chrono Trigger music without hearing shiggidy do shiggidy shiggidy do do shiggidy do!
Travis I 2 month ago
My favorite thing that came from this is probably Darrison Aviford.
George Karnis 3 month ago
Dan: "We will continue this next time. I'm sure we'll finish this at some point. See you soon!" "So that was a f*cking lie"
Manawolfman 3 month ago
Arin needs to wait for those double techs. So many times ice water would have just cleared encounters in seconds.
Kaizo Audio 2 month ago
Dude, you’re getting a bunch of experience from fighting those “save points,” plus they don’t hurt you. Seems like worthwhile grindage to me.
nerothewizard 3 month ago
"I am the cheese! I am the best character in the entire show! I am better than the salami and the bologna combined!" My favorite episode of Rocko's Modern Life ever. Sweet reference.
The Geek Master 3 month ago
Lishadra 3 month ago
I hope at some point that Danny and Arin get to watch the animated cutscenes for this game! They'd love them!
Chancey Kong 3 month ago
Ben, you express yourrself so well. It's pretty inspiring.
Bacon Incarnate 3 month ago
1:10:47 Spider Kiss? I've noticed those edits Ben don't think I havent
Do Ma 3 month ago
That corny joke was funny. "It lets you La Vista." 6:32
Cam Vilar 3 month ago
Why does it say 1999 A.D. on the overworld map but 1000 A.D. at the gate for medina village Edit: ah. Ben.
Phyzin 3 month ago
Rule #1 of haste: Always caste haste on the haste user first.
TheInquisitiveMug 3 month ago
OH MY GOD, Dan still hasn't seen Zeal! Ooooh man, this is going to be the BEST GG series ever!
Victor Young 3 month ago
I'd watch Dan watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia.
Fabian W 3 month ago
anyone else get uncomfortable when they munch on that kit-kat?
Deadpool12329 3 month ago
Ben going above and beyond for the bits make me genuinely happy
GreedyK 3 month ago
looking forward to them picking this back up. I watched Chuggaaconroy play this, I love his content but I wanna see someone struggle more with this game
TheLivingBluejay 3 month ago
46:02 - I guess you could say, I did have a mini heartattack.
BTAL1ama 2 month ago
"THIS IS GOING TO DO ME A WORLD OF GOOD!" "All I heard was 'do me'" Getting some DeepSpace 69 flashbacks here
RowinMarkov 3 month ago
Watching arin see his whole team low on hp on scroll past a full party heal spell like 3 times bugs me so much.
Code name: GAME 3 month ago
I would love a compilation of dan doing the jones voice, its so spot on
Jake Ross 3 month ago
Arin: "i wish there was lighting 3" you know luminair is a thing right?
fenex gid 3 month ago
1:10:49 spider kiss? Edit 1 1:22:12 return of the king
William Strickland 3 month ago
<Arin as Magus> Kissed any princesses lately? <Dan as Frog> Your mother! <Me> Well, I mean, his mother *used* to be...
Kyle Radatz 3 month ago
love yall just looked into NSP today def my new fav band and i gotta say that arnold guy makes me wanna pre
Herowebcomics 3 month ago
22:07 "I have the POWEEEER!" Also, 26:21 It makes sense that Frog gets water magic. It does NOT make sense that someone who shoots LASERS gets SHADOW magic! Rob is clearly a LIGHT magic guy! Magus should have shadow and that's it! Also, PLAY THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME PLEASE!
LOZAbridged 3 month ago
Man~ Glenn has got to be my favorite character from an RPG. His theme, his backstory, the way he speaks. That and I have a soft spot for Frogs.
Notloc Meyer 3 month ago
6 weeks more like 6 months later but it’s cool I’m happy to see this series return I never got to play these games so it’s a new experience for me
Gemini Renegade 2 month ago
"Am I trying to slash or am I Slash?...or am I trying to smash? I dont know who I am anymore."
notazognoid 3 month ago
“It’s fine though” “Cool”
Jacob Rogers 2 month ago
i can always count on game grumps to pick me up when im feeling down
GenesisKnight 3 month ago
I never got to see this. Nice to see it now. 👍
TheInquisitiveMug 3 month ago
Hell yes, more Chrono confirmed!
Sure, Buddy 3 month ago
Playing games along with them really adds to the value. I don't have Chrono Trigger, but I feel like I'm chilling on a couch with them while I bust through Golden Sun
Justin Poulaille 2 month ago
27:20 that's a weird way to say Reece's Sticks
Prince Black Elf 3 month ago
I really hope these re uploads are a hint at things to come and they finally finish the game, either on streams or proper grump episodes
MediocreArts 2 month ago
O-Ozzie's in a pickle! Man im a bit mad they changed that dialogue here *sob*
RanMouri82 2 month ago
23:26 Torgo: YoU calLEd mE MAstErrrrrr?
Doc Dee 2 month ago
Let's bring Marle instead of Lucca for healing and ignore that Frog has Heal, so we can only be effective for half the Magus fight instead of 3/4 of it
Nick Martin 2 month ago
I subbed to WSB, literally yesterday I said "you might as well put it in a mutual fund" then again, I yeeted hundreds of dollars into space
Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM 3 month ago
Allie needs to see the old Love Toilet sketch from SNL.
laharl sama 3 month ago
Dan keeping life and death as real as it is and I respect the shit out of him for that.
Շรยץย ครยเ 3 month ago
Conveniently, I'm playin the same game.
deemantheboss67 3 month ago
6:12 my crush on Allie only grows
Mariano Jar 3 month ago
They have 5 people and no one is telling Arin he didn't bring revives?
Mephostopheles 3 month ago
I love the presence of the behind-the-scenes-Grumps in these streams. Dan and Arin are fun, but there’s something great about a group of four or five just hanging out for a few hours playing a game.
WhiteFangofWhoa 3 month ago
1:22:53 That is like the one part of Rocko's Modern Life that I still remember vividly. Well done. Back in the day I actually checked to see if there were 100 monsters in Magus' castle. Ozzie's lying; there's more than that.
Jack Barlow 3 month ago
Gerber makes good knives at a reasonable price, but Benchmade is the way to go if you can afford to spend the money. That’s my two cents on the matter, Ally. Allie? Allee? Idfk.
Sean Coleman 3 month ago
I love Arin but my god the way he chews is actually revolting lmao
Diogo Silva 2 month ago
1:17:20 Best(?) part of the game
magus499 3 month ago
Love this game and love how much Arin is into it! Really hoping they continue!
Agent Springy 3 month ago
27:40 Just can't wait to be king (ft. Dan Avidan)
Thomas 3 month ago
I do feel mystic vibes from this. In a world full of magic and powers it makes for a wonderful game.
Jorge Arreola 3 month ago
Syndusias 3 month ago
I was just watching the old streams of CT the other day, why do I always notice stuff like this when my eyes are about to shut?
Isa 3 month ago
day, idk 15? of asking dan and arin to play super paper mario
Novius8 3 month ago
“Your new dad” at 54:14 praise be daddy slash
Sora NioStaur 2 month ago
flameroad123 3 month ago
Looking at this it makes me wonder why haven't they done this for other famous JRPG games. When's the FF series?!
Tyler Harris 2 month ago
Magus is the reason I never finished this game. Freaking brutal boss fight.
vonBelfry 2 month ago
Is it me, or does Bris sound like low-tone Dan?
Cody Passey 3 month ago
I will die happy when grumps and Wendy's work together again.
Seth Potter 3 month ago
Butternut squash? Yes please!! Okay, sorry, I had to do that once, since I didn't know it was a thing before now. Carry on.
Riothiel 3 month ago
I love that y'all brought up SA but please, its getting more condensed and expensive 😔
DeepShadedGlassesGuy 3 month ago
I can't wait for this to come back💙👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Non Serviam 2 month ago
I would ABSOLUTELY be down to watch you guys react to an It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia marathon.
Undevelopment Team 3 month ago
Ah yes. The Masamuné is my favorite videogame sword.
wolfie13s 2 month ago
Ally with the jokes. 😂😂😂❤❤❤
SentinelGhost 3 month ago
Speaking of Hugh Grant. He was great in The Gentlemen. I didn't even realize it was him. And the Gentlemen was a great movie.
LoPhatKao 3 month ago
29:45 ... fine, i will
Sho Ken 3 month ago
watching arin fight that first nizbel was rough. lets hope he doesnt run into another one later 😝
Naomi Yang 3 month ago
Please finish this game 😭😭😭 it's such a great game 💕❤
Jack Rinaldi 2 month ago
I'm impressed and mad at Arin for not having Lightning 2 at Nizbel
Tomapella 3 month ago
I was psyched for new Rocko and then I realized that this was recorded a long long time ago. Static Cling was okay, though.
GetDaved 2 month ago
Someone gotta tell Arin about using Ice Water to end all of these fights in 2 seconds.