Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)

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Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the puzzle pieces of our time awake and dreaming to figure out what is going on at the CENTER of this awesome horror game. Let's go!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

ManlyBadassHero 9 days ago
Oh hey it's me at the far back, and Mark is caressing my face for some reason, what. 1:29
Ross Bloedorn 9 days ago
I legit laughed irl when Tom Nook showed up asking for bells
An Idiot That Draws 9 days ago
MatPat: "The Nightmare Death affects men over the age of 33." Me: *daAAAAAAAD-*
Malcolm Johnson 9 days ago
Me, not Hmong, but knows some of the history: *Hears Ha-mung* Also me: That ain't it chief
TNTTurtle 2007 9 days ago
Or the doctor was never real and ther really are monsters out to get him. OR the docter is one of the monsters trying to get him killed faster. OR the docter caused the accident and is trying to finish him off OR I'm over thinking this All so I did not know that Freddy Krueger had such a cool origin - the deaths
Alexa Colon 9 days ago
I think that because John isn't able to sleep, his sleep deprivation is causing him to hallucinate. Or maybe it is a type of sleep paralysis monster?
Lord iKoniK 9 days ago
Title: Try to fall asleep Thumbnail: Dont fall asleep Me: *confused screaming*
Wes Parson 9 days ago
15:23 "Me poor heart can't TOOK that!" -markiplier
Andrea Jasmin 9 days ago
Matpat: "BANG-GUN-GUT" Me, a Filipino in the Philippines where bangungut is a well known cause of death to our elderly: *cries* its pronounced bang-ngu-ngut. A case of bangungut is actually easy to recognize and avoid tho if theres an outsider who can wake u up as the nightmares happen, as a kid i used to pull my grandfather out of these situations and now the sound of any grunts of pain/fear in the middle of the night can immediately scare me wide awake to run over and wake the person making said sound. its terrifying.
Mateusz Ponikowski 9 days ago
Hey matpat, on Netflix there's this film called "the platform" and basically it's about a prison that has 333 floors and a buffet of food is placed at room 1 and gradually goes down to the last floor. And I was wondering I'd you could calculate if there enough food to feed everyone at the facility.
Leroy Thor 9 days ago
As a 2nd generation Hmong person in the US, I can almost guarantee that this is true in our culture. My dad says that there is a curse that for the eldest son of the family that will haunt them in their dreams. He also says most of my Male relatives died in their mid-30s. The only reason that he's still alive today is because he became a Christian.
Taylor Adams 9 days ago
Everyone: Why is sleep so important? We know it iss but why? Me: ...Brain can't brain. Brain needs to not. Brain will literally break if it runs so long.
GZDude13 9 days ago
I heard that they were *Cambodian refugees* not *Hmong* They had survived through Pol Pot's killing fields during the *Khmer Rouge* and suffered severe PTSD.
Adventure Time 9 days ago
Me: oh boy am so tired and stressed over coronavirus but am sure a good night sleep can turn this froun upside down Game theory: DON'T FALL A SLEEP!! uplouded😊 Me: stress level higher then bernies voice range
Nonstop Merrick 9 days ago
Argon Jaden Siberite Bluridge 9 days ago
MatPat: "Just how fatal can sleep deprivation and your own dreams be?" Me, watching this at 5:09 AM: …
Joshua Chapman 9 days ago
Title: DON'T FALL ASLEEP! Me: Oh, you've already accomplished that before
Mas MurderMonkey 9 days ago
"Go to sleep. Go to sleep little victim." Wow I'm feeling really safe and comforted!
Haterno1likeu Gay 9 days ago
So now I’m scared of sleeping I mean this is rare but it’s just that 1% chance that can just end my life which is kinda concerning
GamerKing Josh 9 days ago
When hearing that hallucinations occur when you don't sleep for longer than 4 days it reminds me of phantoms from minecraft... Are they hallucinations? Next minecraft theory incoming?
s n e r k 9 days ago
"Bangungut" or Bangungot translates to nightmare in my language. Btw, MatPat I need you to check a game called Deep sleep and it's sequel Deeper sleep and Deepest Sleep, it's about dreams as well.
Gamerguy207 9 days ago
A meta study is something that Matpat does for almost all theories. The more you know.
TermicrafTeron 27 9 days ago
matpat: *raises the nightmare fuel * me. who just woke up to watch the video: *you got no power here*
Katsu Chan 9 days ago
"We ruin your childhood" Yea, and also my sleep Lmao.
WitherWolf33 9 days ago
Scientists: [Prove sleep is important.] Schools: "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that."
LateWolfBite 9 days ago
Matpat: *Talking bout the nightmare deaths.* me: *chilling thinking that its all fake* also Matpat: *Talks bout how its quite real* me: FUDGEBALLS also me: ayy me and the bois at *1:30AM* listening to scary nightmare deaths while our siblings occupying the toilet when my bladders dying.
Alex 420 9 days ago
Maptap: talks about sleep deprivation Me who didn’t sleep for a month: a h o k
Pickles Animations 9 days ago
"you have memory losses as well as a few... brain damages that might cause you to, um ... hallucinate." the person who is saying that sounds like Grian; a Minecraft YouTuber that does Minecraft building. He is my favorite Minecraft builder. He also does Hermetcraft, which is an ongoing series and I think they are on season 7. They build really cool stuff each season.
Lucas Lee0568 9 days ago
Hi mat pat I’m hmong it was hard for my grandparents to come over to the us but i have a answer for you hmong people believed in shamanism a religion about spirits and ghosts living in our world where shamans would help battle ghosts and evil spirits that is my answer possibly a ghost of revenge that had evil intentions against these hmong people this is not a theory but a answer because my mom is a shaman who fought a ghost and i learned what she thought on why ghost live in our world but I’m not going to in depth but that is my answer because I’m hmong (sorry for this long comment and horrible grammar) Edit you said hmong wrong but its hard for Americans to pronounced and I’m not offended
Haterno1likeu Gay 9 days ago
Mom: it’s just a dream go to sleep Me: it’s hard to explain Mom: grabs belt* Me : I’ll face all the demons in my dream instead
Joshua Gannon 9 days ago
That second story, the one from Wes Craven, sounds like a textbook case of sleep paralysis, where basically you're 'awake' and aware of your surroundings, but your subconscious is still very active which results in visual and auditory hallucinations as well as the sensations of being unable to move and having a weight upon you. Also, killer nightmares? No problem for me as I'm an active lucid dreamer.
Sofie Bonnese 9 days ago
“Try to fall asleep” *sees its **22:00* CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Scientist: Sleep is good! everyone staying up at 3am: oh we know
AppoCraft Productions 9 days ago
Best GT intro ever seen that I can remember honestly
Taylor Cressionnie 9 days ago
When you start to freak out when you hear a dude was having serious problems on day 3 and 4 because you once went 5 days without sleep and just had headaches, couldn't stop shaking and kinda delirious....maybe its just a younger kid thing... Also who else got startled by Tom Nook ;-;
Soviet Kid 9 days ago
“There have been no experiments forcing people to stay awake for weeks to see if they die” Russian sleep experiment: am I a joke to you? (Yes ik its a fiction)
Manic Miner 9 days ago
"you can't run, you can't hide..." Killer queen disen no bakudan is already in your eye Rhymes
Soul Less 9 days ago
The survivors story sounds like Sleep Paralysis. Difficulty breathing and hallucinations are traits of sleep paralysis. Just a thought
Basically 14 9 days ago
Thumbnail: Dont Fall Alseep! Title: Try to Fall Asleep! Me: *visible confusion*
The Lunar Shadow 9 days ago
Me: *easily gets nightmares after watching something scary* Also me at 12:00 am: *watches this*
Jarren Starkey 9 days ago
You have officially made me afraid of sleeping.
Careless Carl 9 days ago
“Everyone knows you can’t -die- in your own dream”
ThwartedGerm040 9 days ago
5:36 It's his sleep paralysis demon! I am sorry for making this joke
pawlaczek 9 days ago
When half life alyx theory, we have a new hl after 13 years. There is soooooooooo much to theories.
Dark Phoenix 9 days ago
The whole video is just about how nocturne ruined demacia.
Alfie RS 9 days ago
I’m already scared of sleeping and never waking from my sleep paralysis so I’m terrified now..
NiSoFly 9 days ago
Tell me why I'm seeing this just as I'm bout to day good night to my family...
Omega 3,3 9 days ago
Me: oooh a new game theory video Also me: * goes to sleep way too late and struggles to sleep*
Cat King YASSS 9 days ago
Me after watching this at 1 am when I'm an insomniac already who is easily scared... Welp I'm forked tonight and every other night from now
TurtleSenpaiTV 9 days ago
I'm watching this at night. In the dark. Right before I'm about to sleep
EjMCmoo 9 days ago
Smiley MatPat giving me the jeepers creepers.
Fangirl TMurphy 9 days ago
Me at intro: MAT IT’S 6 PM.
Temmie Village 9 days ago
"Try to fall asleep" How does he know I should be in bed?
flamsy films 9 days ago
I think Dr Norberg is depriving him of real medication as an experiment, like how doctors used to buy fresh bodies to dissect
Yung Space 9 days ago
Matpat:Get your favorite YouTuber to play this! Me: *sighs in CoryxKenshin fan*
DogeTheMemer 9 days ago
5:34 That sounds way to much like sleep paralysis (When your body is sleeping, but your eyes still work) Things such as *heavy weight on body* *not able to move* *Seeing creatures* Isnt nightmare death..
Carlee Muller 9 days ago
This entire video I was just thinking sleep paralysis demons
lolipopgore pineapple 9 days ago
The nightmare death sounds like extreme sleep paralysis.
PansexualPancake 9 days ago
The Russian Sleep Experiment In A Nutshell *Don’t Sleep*
EnjoyYourself 9 days ago
1:32 "we need content" no one: whole youtube: D O O M E T E R N A L
Serasia 9 days ago
Sometimes when I’m going to sleep, I do see weird shapes in the darkness. I usually have to open my eyes again because it’s freaky. Though I suppose if it’s in the game, that means others go through it too? I’m probably dreaming and seeing stuff, and maybe my eyes are actually open. Hypnopompic dreams and sleep paralysis and stuff.
stripe143yellow 9 days ago
Yeah, my uncle died in his sleep while I was playing on the Famicon when I was still young..he came home drunk and slept at the couch, the following morning I saw his legs having dark spots, I ignored it thinking it was just mom said it was pancreatitis when they rushed him to the hospital when my brother said he wasn't moving and was turning stiff..sad times, first time to experience a funeral
Black Luster Soldier 9 days ago
Me:"I should sleep" Also me:*see this video* Also me:*cant sleep anymore*
Copy cat 9 days ago
9:56 Funny plus scary story I had a dream once that I could just about move my body across my room and when I managed to drag myself out of the room I saw a shadow of a person with sharp teeth Well I need more sleep at night then
eoneztwo 9 days ago
Ho, we all know it's Golden experience requiem.
Sarka gamer 9 days ago
One day my angel garden saved me from my dream my mom said that my blanket was chocking me I'm my dream I was on a water park it was sucking up the ocsgin
Penguin_Dude _With_Epic_Glasses 9 days ago
me:wow this looks like a good game. Oh and its about sleep deprivation, cool my sleep paralysis demon watching me watch youtube instead of sleeping for the 5th day: he is a man of focus, commitment, and shear freaking will.
legoking907 9 days ago
me in my head while reading the title: [DEATH 13]
llWendae ツll 9 days ago
I love the part when the character opens his eyes again to see Tom Nook asking for the daily rent for bells-
Maia McL 9 days ago
When I go to bed I always find myself under the covers taping my ears because I feel like something is watching me ..... but only sometimes not everynight and not rarely really weird and then I do commonly have dreams of either shadow men or monsters chasing me , sometimes if I’m the dream they scratch me or grab my arm I can actually feel it, at the beginning I’m always running down or up stairs and then before I wake up I always jump, fly into the sky and then wake up right away as soon as I’m far away.... This has been happening for almost two years now.
Frosted Moon 9 days ago
So about the doctor .... You know how one symptom of sleep deprivation is paranoia? That could also be a case because another symptom, like you said, is auditorial hallucinations. So... Just maybe.... The doctor is actually trying to get him to do the right thing, but the main character's pov is that the doctor is trying to harm him, because he's paranoid and hearing incorrect things...... Oof, probably wrong, but ya never know
Lia_draws_stuff uwu 9 days ago
Me: sitting in the dark in my room at 0:30 am trying to have a relaxed night time The intro if this video: *So you have chosen death*
le.donnie 9 days ago
me: *watches this video at midnight* weird noises in my house: *exist* also me: i tHINK THE FRICK NOT
My blood type is MEMES 9 days ago
Maybe the brain makes the nightmare so real that when you die inside the nightmare your brain feels it and dies
mr ripper 9 days ago
John: *runs away from scary dream demons* me, who's been watching DOOM eternal gameplay for the past two days: "pathetic... *revs chainsaw* "
Red the Destroyer 9 days ago
Matpat: Explains theory about sleeping Me: just being lazy and just laying on the bed Me: looks at bed Me: don't ruin this for me alright?
Sean Yu 9 days ago
Darn Matt, you should’ve left this to Austin for a “THE SCIENCE!!!” episode,
XxDarkxX Master 9 days ago
MatPat: discussing the horrors of this game and sleep deprivation. Me: Olfactory is a word that exists.
Werewolfgamergurl 9 days ago
The beginning is what I listen to when I sleep lol
Elyse Terreri 9 days ago
"1987" Me: oh shish fazbear's back at it again
Space_Goose 9 days ago’s not normal to lose sleep because you see and hear things at night and day? Uh-oh
Jolly Algeri 9 days ago
supposedly sleep is when the body does more healing. less energy used being active so the body can devote more resources to repairs. so sleep being the best medicine to repair brain damage is really more like one piece to the puzzle rather than the core solution. after all if sleep was that good at repairing damage why do some never wake up from their coma?
Rebecca Winter 9 days ago
As someone who has paranoia, and insomnia, I must say that this game is extremely accurate as to "seeing" things and forcing yourself to relax and close your eyes when your heartbeat and adrenaline are skyrocketing from fear.
Tathem Relag 9 days ago
Huh. My second time hearing about the Hmong refugee deaths this week. The first was stumbling across this video about a purported supernatural explanation:
Andrew 9 days ago
I’m 15 and drank an Italian soda yesterday, I fell asleep at 3 am and woke up at 5 so I only got 2 hours of sleep
Lodada 9 days ago
Hey SCP foundation… yeah it’s happening again.
BowlSheet2019 9 days ago
i swear people die in a dream or from not being able to sleep that is a myth i don't see nothing like that and i fell to my death in dreams before i say there ether physically hurt to the point they cant take anymore is only way i believe they would die for i can hardly ever sleep idk if it a strong soul or what but ya anyway you don't believe me ha!
anythingiwanttowatch 9 days ago
When I was in high school I stayed awake for a little over four days just to test it out. On the third night, I was ready to sleep but then hallucinated that a person was in my room and got too scared to sleep. The next day at school, I thought my math teacher's desk plant was a leprechaun and in my history class later that day I hallucinated the same person I had seen the night before in my room. I freaked out and the teacher took me to the front office where they talked to me, found out I had been awake, and then I spent the rest of the day sleeping in the nurse's office until my mom could come to get me. I've never pulled more than one all-nighter since.
Pasha Gaming 9 days ago
0:19 Me Who Can Summon Fireballs In Lucid Dreams: *no u*
Spaced Out 9 days ago
Wanted to let you know that Scott has a new teaser up on his website, and there's a conversation in the code. <meta name="stay the course." content= "I will."> <meta name="Focus on my voice." content> <meta name="I will." content="Don't let anyone lead you astray."> <meta name="I" won't." content="Have you selected one?"> <meta name="I have." content>
Kalimator 9 days ago
First of all, great theory as always. Second, now I'm scared that all of these will occur to me (especially because I tend to have problems with insomnia) And last, but most important to me... is it only me, or does the doctor look like Jimmy Carr?
GRANDB3RRY XD 9 days ago
U could just do the doctor sleep and imagine a box at yeet the monster inside
Devon williams 9 days ago
Sleep: has a job every night Try to fall asleep: I'm boutta end this whole man's career
Lauren 9 days ago
3:24 I get a lot of this regularly. Like even when I’ve slept well...
Nae Nae 9 days ago
oooh, I spotted the Nurse from Dead by Daylight in that intro! xD That would actually be a cool game to do a future theory on. The Entity's left a lot of mysteries to uncover within the Fog... ;)
Majin Kickback 9 days ago
3:59 MatPat: When it strikes, its always men... Me: Oh crap... MatPat: ...average age, 33.. Me: OH CRAP. MatPat: ..and it always happens at night, when they're asleep... Me: *looks at watch* 4:00pm. Oh, ok. Good... Narrator: Later that night... Me: OH CRAP!!!!!!!!
Jürgen Conrad 9 days ago
Matpat: Sweet Dreams Me: Sitting on my Bed scared af
Asher’s Animations 9 days ago
1:46 that sounds like Edd Gould (founder of Eddsworld) not only that but to day is Edd’s day.
BrosBala 9 days ago
Welcome to the comments, you are safe here. Take a seat, we have cookies.
Reina B 9 days ago
2:53 has the SCARIEST jumpscare I've ever seen